Handcrafted Ceramics for the Home


Ceramics has been my passion for many years now, I think it began when I was playing with mud and play dough as a kid.  My formal training in ceramics is marked by a summer study in 2002 at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) where I saw ceramics as a possible career path. From there I went to Syracuse University to earn my BFA in ceramics in 2007. Since graduating, I apprenticed at Hoyman-Browe Pottery in Ukiah and worked as a studio assistant for Whitney Smith Pottery in Oakland. I have also had the pleasure and opportunity to study with other amazing artists at workshops, all of which have been strong influences in my growth as an artist. After taking a year to get to know South America—and a little more about myself—I started my own studio and have committed myself to taking the time to create Ruth Easterbrook Ceramics as a business in 2013.

I am inspired by my surroundings and my previous studies. My current pieces are a natural combination of my deep love and appreciation for children’s book illustrations, art history, and the patterns, plants and animals, found in nature.  I work to create pieces that mix whimsy and classical form to create carefully crafted and playful utilitarian art.  Not only do I want you to fall in love with the charm and detail I put into my ceramics: I also want you to discover the joy of using handcrafted pottery in your daily life.  

Thank you for visiting my website!

Ruth Easterbrook