I have always enjoyed the process of working with clay, and the magic in the transformation of firing and glazes. My pots are made with the idea of interactive art; that they will become part of the sharing, presentation, and pleasure that comes with making and enjoying food.  Through my researching of silhouettes, different depictions of flowers in paintings and illustration and refining the utilitarian elements of my piece I am thinking of domestic landscapes and where/how my work will live once it leaves me studio.

 I was first introduced to clay in high school where I found a place of confidence and leadership. I began continuing my education at RISD summer school while in high school and then at Syracuse University when I earned my B.F.A ceramics in 2007. After graduating I gained skills of making through “practice makes better” while being the lead apprenticed as a production thrower at Hoyman-Browe Studios. I value the learning through hands on experience and have assisted various ceramic artists and studios over the years. I see the beginning of my career as a serious ceramic artist in 2014 when I left my day job to attend an eight-week spring concentration at Penland School of Craft. Here I had the time and encouragement to see what I had to offer and recognize my abilities not as assistant but as artist. My career has continued since then next to Anderson Ranch Arts Center, as a student, summer intern and in 2016 as artist in resident. Currently, I am a MFA candidate at Alfred University, I will graduate in May 2019. I am excited to see what is next in the creative journey.

Ruth Easterbrook

be yourself, everyone else is taken
— oscar wilde