Artist Statement 2019

My ceramic art is an active participant in the coming together of people, sharing and the enjoyment of food.  Eating a beautifully prepared meal creates a celebration. I make pieces of service and, I make interaction. Decisions in design facilitate containing, presenting and service in the daily lives of others. Detailed surface enhances the importance of moment—attentive handling that leads to discovery and pleasure. Floral motifs are inspired by the wildflowers of Northern California where I grew up on a ranch. I was raised to be in-tune with the seasons, searching and waiting for the appearance of flowers year after year.  Surfaces are built from stylized motifs and carry with them memories of place and time. Objects made by humankind throughout history continue to give me perspective about my place in the on-going story of shaping earth into vessels for food, celebration and ritual.  In October 2017 my home and studio were lost in the “Redwood Valley Complex Fires”. The entire community was devastated. In the aftermath of the destruction I reflected on my role as a maker of objects. My abilities to make and build upon the skills I have gained through experience are the source of my power in rebuilding and make new. 

 Through the process of building with a variety of techniques (wheel, slab, mold) my decisions as maker are impacted by the different touch and speed each method requires.  My forms embody generosity and communicate utility that welcomes interaction and use. Often, I fall in love with the soft dewy surface of the leather hard pot, chasing silky matte glazes that recapture a similar sheen.  Using a palette of glazes from matte to glossy I map out the decoration with the intent of collaborating with the firing to flux and move glaze across surfaces.  I welcome happenstance and embrace the power of fire as it transforms wet earth to rock and ground rocks to a multitude of glazes.